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Troubleshoot your Graph API calls with Postman

When you try to optimize your Graph API calls, don’t know what exactly the error is or even if you want to have a nice view for the results you get, then you definitely should use Postman!

In the next step I will describe you how to setup your Postman instance.
(Note: This is just my method – It’s not an Add for Postman)

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Get Access Token

Connect to Graph.Microsoft

Connect to Management.Azure

Token Name: What ever you want 🙂
Grant Type: If you have a Client-Secret, you should use “Client Credentials”
Access Token URL:*Tenant Name*
Client ID: Application ID of App Registration
Client Secret: Client Secret

Send GET request

In this case we want to get all failed provisioning’s.
You can either enter the filter in der URL line or define it as params. 

Why use Postman to troubleshoot?

In this case I have a typo in my URL: eq ‘failuree

Here you see the error messages in PowerShell and Postman:

PowerShell output

Postman output

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